The Code of Ethics’ North-of-the-Border Connection

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  1. Brad Knapp

    As well as being a REALTOR and Vice Chair of the NAR PS Committee, I am a steamship buff and have read extensively about the Titanic tragedy. It is interesting to me how things in life intertwine. I speak about Mr. Fortune and the Winnipeg Convention when I teach the Ethics class here in Ohio. I bring you the fact that in 1913 about the only way the convention delegation could get to Winnipeg was by train, most likely with connections through Chicago. There weren’t many paved roads back in 1913 especially in Alberta, Canada.

    As a footnote, I attended the 75th anniversary of the Titanic held in Wilmington Delaware in 1987. Although they were all old, there were about 7 or 8 survivors present including Mr. Fortune’s daughter who was in her 90′s at the time. I just recently was able to connect the dots.

    Brad Knapp, Lebanon, Ohio

  2. Thank you for sharing this interesting information. Things have changed drastically since then and still are. During my forty years in Real Estate since 1973 I had not ever heard this story. Either I just missed it or no one traveled that far back in history. I love things like this.
    Also, when I first began in Real Estate I had to “earn” the privilege and designation of being a Realtor.

  3. It is really good to be a member of a professional association that has a Code of Ethics that is 100 years old, and still viable. Ethics is even more important in today’s market when so much contact is via technology. The real estate industry has changed very much since I received a broker license In 1972. Keeping up with the changes is easier because of all the ethics, and education available today.

  4. This is very interesting. In all the classes I have taken for the Code of Ethics this was not covered. Thank you for sharing.