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What We’re Reading: July 12-18

Chinese buyers, beachfront libraries, and over-the-top pet suites

Mosman Library/Flickr

Mosman Library/Flickr

A modern-day Chinese emigration wave is already underway, but a tsunami may soon hit America’s shores. This month, U.S. real estate website Zillow begins publishing its entire U.S. real estate property database in Mandarin on the biggest real estate website in China. The Washington Post looks at the rise of Chinese real estate buyers in the US.

You’re going to show those neighbors who’s boss. How? Build a spite house, of course.

The drone saga continues this week, with Amazon seeking FAA permission to test out the technology.

Beachfront libraries are an ingenious addition to shorelines around the world. Forget your book? Go grab a replacement. Finished your latest read? No worries, many choices await you.

“Has anyone noticed a large amount of beer?” police in the city of Krefeld said in a news release. As Germany was preparing to celebrate its victory in the World Cup, thieves systematically emptied a warehouse of 300,0000 liters of beer.

Seattle is always good for a crazy story: Man using spray paint, lighter to kill spider sets house on fire.

Apple Inc has agreed to pay $450 million to resolve U.S. state and consumer claims the iPad manufacturer conspired with five major publishers to fix e-book prices, according to court records filed Wednesday.

Drinking booze is sooo passe these days. Why drink when you can vaporize it into a fog and then inhale? Get yours for only $700.

Getting ready for your summer vacation? Here are some totally unnecessary but fun gadget ideas.

Your smartphone knows a lot about you. The Guardian, an English newspaper, tells you how to stop being tracked by your phone.

Your pets are part of the family—why not include them in your home building plans? Standard Homes is offering a pet suite option in their new homes in California and Florida. I wish my shower were that nice!

Time looks at 10 things Millennials don’t want to pay for. The one I never thought of: Costco memberships. Guess it makes sense in that they have no cars, no home, and no kids. Somehow I think most of this will change once they hit the prime family-building years.

Because airline travel wasn’t uncomfortable enough, Airbus is looking to patent a new seat based on what’s more often seen on a bicycle.

Love the on-demand streaming model of Netflix or Spotify and want it for books? Amazon appears to be planning  a Kindle subscription service, at least judging by some cached webpages. Before you get too excited, note that you can already borrow one ebook a month for free and considering its recent disputes with the big publishers, don’t expect their hot new titles to be available.

Weird Al’s latest album is blowing up. And ‘Word Crimes‘ is the ‘Blurred Lines’ parody every grammar nerd secretly wanted.


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