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What We’re Reading: Oct. 11-17

Homeownership rates by job, trouble with Airbnb, and why Chicago smells like brownies

Who’s more likely to own a home — those in jobs that pay more, right? A new study by Inc. suggests the answer is more complex.

Landscaping adds value, trees add value, an updated kitchen adds value.  What about a cat named Tiffany?  A family in Australia included the family cat in the house sale and upped their selling price $140,000.  Good kitty!

With rental scams on the rise, the need for reliable, authoritative and legitimate real estate listings becomes increasingly apparent. New York Times reporter David Streitfeld reports on the rental scam issues tied to Airbnb listings. Spoiler alert: New York State’s Attorney General Office reports that nearly ¾ of Airbnb rentals are illegal. Now we insert a shameless plug to use, the real estate industry’s reliable source for real estate listing data. Only licensed, REALTOR®-Code-of-Ethics-abiding professionals can post listings on

Apple unveiled its latest iPad Air this week, delivering an even thinner model than before. Some details leaked out a day early due to a manual discovered in iBooks.

Flickr user Seth Anderson

Flickr user Seth Anderson

If you’ve been to Chicago you might know that our downtown is frequently blanketed by the lovely aroma of roasting cocoa. Blommer’s Chocolate Company is located just west of the downtown core. The company claims to roast 45 percent of all chocolate in North America across 4 factories. Now you can track your olfactory delight via the Tumblr Daily Chicago Chocolate Smell Map.

Ah…to have a nice dream vacation home on the beach in Florida. Spend some time, rent it out the rest of the year, perfect! Unless it was actually built on the wrong lot. That happened to one Missouri couple. Their $680,000 dream home wound up next door to where it was supposed to be. They’re still trying to work on a solution.

Two announcements this week show just how television viewing is changing. Both HBO and CBS are launching stand-alone internet streaming services. For most people it’s not going to be the cord-cutting deal, but for the young and tech-savvy, it could be all that it takes to dump cable.



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