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What We’re Reading: Aug. 23-Sept. 5

Homeowner’s Insurance, Passive-Aggressive Products, and Green Real Estate Insuring the home adequately against the gamut of natural and made-made disasters can prove tricky. Some California home owners learned this the hard way with the recent earthquake in Napa Valley....
September 5, 2014

How has technology impacted your business?

In a recent class, the instructor posed the question “How has technology impacted your business?” Serendipitously, I discovered the snippet below in the 1990 issue of “Real Estate Today,” which provides client metrics on NAR Library use: In comparing...
November 21, 2013

Real Estate Videos: Are They Worth the Effort?

We received a research request in the NAR Library on whether real estate listing videos prove worthwhile and of equal (or greater) value to photos. The answer to this question is somewhat subjective—what is true for one agent in...
November 13, 2013

Lead generation

Recently a member asked us about lead generation. Is any one program better than the other? How do I get started? And what was our advice in general? Well, as we didn’t have any first-hand experience, we researched the...
August 13, 2013

What We’re Reading: July 13 – July 19

PowerPoint Tips from a Pro, Contingency Planning, and Branding Brilliance Do you put together presentations for your work? And, do you use PowerPoint? Jesse Desjardins shares a blunt (read: some offensive language) and informative presentation 5 Ways to  Not...
July 19, 2013

What We’re Reading: Oct. 20 – Oct. 26

Zillow mines public data for pre-sale foreclosures, new Apple goodies, the worst passwords, and best blogs Using publicly available data, Zillow plans to list properties in foreclosure before they are even listed for sale. Remember your tiny dorm room...
October 26, 2012

What We’re Reading: Sept. 3 – Sept. 9

REALTOR® Safety, Powering Gadgets, and Public Relations ***** September is REALTOR® Safety Month! In honor of this important topic, we’re reading a number of books on workplace safety, preventing identity theft, and more. Check out our library’s digital collection...
September 7, 2012

What We’re Reading: June 9 – June 15

State of the Nation’s Housing, Mac News, & Crime Doesn’t Pay Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies released it’s annual report on the State of the Nation’s Housing. Things are generally on the upswing, though foreclosure and falling house...
June 15, 2012

The evolution of search

Google released a short video recently highlighting some of its key milestones in search over the past decade. It’s both a fun blast from the past and a worthwhile reminder of how much things have changed over the years....
November 30, 2011

Audiobooks with iOS5

Apple and audiobooks are back in action! If you are an audio(book)phile and you use an Apple device to enjoy audiobooks, then you likely experienced trials and tribulations with the recent iOS5 upgrade. Suddenly, what once worked perfectly no...
November 16, 2011