What We’re Reading: Feb. 8 – Feb. 14

1Q2014 sales expectations, unplugging, cold weather strategies and a bacon rose says ‘I love you’ How’re you first quarter of the year sales turning out? According to data from DQNews presented in HousingWire the answer more often than not...
February 14, 2014

Everything’s coming up eBooks!

Last year by far has been our best year for digital book downloads from the NAR eBook Collection – 18,211 FREE ebooks were downloaded! I took a look into what topics have been the most popular (titles with the...
February 12, 2014

Graffiti and property values

Every so often the library is asked to confirm or locate a report attributed to NAR that says graffiti lowers property values by 15 to 20 percent. Unfortunately this report does not exist, at least to the best of...
February 10, 2014

What We’re Reading: Feb. 1 – Feb. 7

The latest fetish, drone marketing, and why thieves are hot for laundry detergent For much of the country, this has been quite the winter. Is it really that bad or are we just fetishizing the weather? The Wall Street...
February 7, 2014

How “Uncle Sam’s Big Ditch” inspired the real estate industry in 1914

One of the premiere events for Americans a century ago was the long-awaited opening of the Panama Canal. Initially started by France in 1881, the United States took control of the project in May 1904, shortly after Panama declared...

Top Field Guides for January 2014

Field Guides are one-stop resource packages on dozens of subjects of interest to REALTORS®. On each page you’ll find links to articles, books, web sites, statistics, and other material on each subject. The list of the most-used field guides from...
February 3, 2014

What We’re Reading: Jan. 25 – Jan. 31

Netflix about to raise prices? McDonalds & the neighborhood, and new scams to watch out for Is Netflix going to raise its price? It’s been a few years since the last price change so people are beginning to wonder....
January 31, 2014

What We’re Reading: Jan. 18 – Jan. 24

For the love of books, internet dreams in 1981, and Boy, is it cold! Charles M. Blow espouses on books and, as librarians, we couldn’t agree more. Remember the days of learning about the world through the lens of a...
January 24, 2014

What We’re Reading: Jan. 11 – Jan. 17

Security in the Digital Age, Parlor Tricks, and Young Ambition Did you get caught up in the Target security breach last month? I know I did and it wasn’t fun. It’s certainly changing the way I shop at stores....
January 17, 2014

What We’re Reading: Jan. 4 – Jan. 10

Spring is just around the corner, CES highlights, and joining the 300 club As we’re still in the deep freeze here in Chicago, it’s sometimes hard to remember that the Spring home selling season is just around the corner....
January 10, 2014